About Jess Ideas

Late Jeram Shivji Thakker started this business in 1969 under the Jeram Shivji & Sons, focusing on the trade of  weather sheds, which gained a great deal of success.

To meet the increasing demands of our clients in terms of material requirement and capitalising on the growing opportunities for temporary construction, the company expanded and initiated trading in other materials too. Our motto as a company was simple – Professionalism at its peak, and delivery at its best. We’ve never settled for anything but the best.

Soon our company was equipped to survey a site plan and put up tarpaulin shed , construction of any size, anywhere. These tarpaulins sheds known for their quality and durability, were widely used by not only by Industrial establishments and commerial houses but also government organisations such as The Indian Railways and Food Corporation of India

But, the real metamorphosis into a full-fledged, professional service industry took place in 1982 when Jeram Shivji’s sons Bharat Thakker and Ajit Thakker joined the business. Dynamic and enterprising, they spearheaded the setting up of services dedicated to cater to the diverse and specialized needs of the JSS clientele. As a professional service industry, it was necessary to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and technological advancements in the industry. Jeram Shivji and Sons met these challenges through innovation and by developing the required expertise.

The success of Jeram Shivji and Sons led to the formation of ‘Jess Ideas’, focused on providing skilled support as exhibition contractors to technicians in both, the entertainment and the corporate events sector. The idea grew and the company expanded into multiple diverse services such as events, exhibitions and large outdoor concerts, creating mammoth sets for outdoor spectacles to compact ones for indoor events.

Jess Ideas: exhibition contractors and event venue decorators – the people behind mega events!